• SURE-GRIP Avenger Magnesium Plate
SURE-GRIP Avenger Magnesium Plate

SURE-GRIP Avenger Magnesium Plate

SURE-GRIP Avenger Magnesium Plate - extrem leicht, 45° Trucks

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SURE-GRIP Avenger Magnesium Plate

Du willst eine extrem leichte Plate, die dennoch robust ist und dir die krassesten Turns und Crossover ermöglicht? Dann ist die SURE-GRIP Avenger Magnesium Plate genau die Plate die du suchst!

Die Trucks sind im 45° Winkel angebracht dadurch ist man mit dieser Plate besonders wendig und agil. Das verwendete Magnesium macht die Plate extrem leicht, sie wiegt ca. 25% weniger als eine Standard Plate und sogar noch 12% weniger als die Avenger Aluminium Plate. Im direkt Vergleich bei Größe 2: Avenger Magnesium Plate 386g , Avenger Aluminium Plate = 451g , Standard Plate = über 500g! Die mitgelieferten lila farbenen SURE-GRIP Super Cushions haben ein Härte von 85A. Desweiteren wird die Plate mit POWERDYNE Bolt-on Toe Stops ausgeliefert. Ein weiteres Highlight ist der fein justierbare Pivot!

Hier findest Du alle Maße und Spezifikationen zur SURE-GRIP Avenger Plate:

Weitere Infos kann man der englischen original Beschreibung von SURE-GRIP entnehmen!

Original SURE-GRIP Description:
The Avenger plate concept was derived from the 45 degree Magnum and 45 degree Invader skate plates of the late 70’s early 80’s.  Over the last few years a lot of emphasis has been placed on strong light weight products for speed and derby.  In the 80’s we developed the single action Magnum speed plate for this purpose, produced in both aluminum and magnesium, this plate was very light and very strong.  Recently we have seen a greater awareness for this style plate; we saw it fitting to redesign it using modern technology and what we came up with was the Avenger.  Using a computer aided design program every inch of this plate was designed for a purpose; specific wall thickness, heights, lengths, angles, and material were all chosen for their unique properties.  The avenger will be produced in both aluminum and magnesium and both will come standard with the new DA45 truck.  The Avenger aluminum will be painted black and the magnesium plate will be painted white.  All the superior track hugging agility you have come to expect from the DA45 action in a new lightweight skate.

The Avenger plate features some never before seen design elements. Some of the features that make this plate different from all the rest are expressed below:

Hollow kingpin: Specially designed kingpin for this plate only. 30% lighter than a traditional kingpin using hardened prime grade steel. The specially designed kingpin will only fit on the Avenger and will come pre-installed.

Hollow center: Hollowed out center section to save weight. Along with the hollow center we raised the height to increase the rigidity length wise. When compared to the Invader plate the weight savings will be greater with the larger sizes but you can expect a significant decrease in weight when compared to the standard Invader plate.

Aluminum alloy / Magnesium alloy: Unique weight saving techniques have allowed us to cut the aluminum Avenger by 12% when compared to the standard Invader plate. Magnesium alloy being even lighter we were able to save an additional 15%, this is a total of 25% from the standard Invader.

Shortened front end: For those who want to get aggressive with their short forward mounts can now do so with plenty of room to spare so the plate will not hang over the front of your boot. The Avenger is optimized for the short forward set up but a standard mount is still possible.

DA45 trucks: New DA45 truck. Same basic design but optimized for the fixed kingpin. Truck is slightly slimmer than the original version.

The Avenger is a light weight skate plate that utilizes the 45 degree kingpin design that we pioneered more than 20 years ago. Super agile, super light…..Super plate.


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SURE-GRIP wurde 1936 in den USA gegründet und ist seitdem einer der größten Rollschuh-Hersteller der Welt.

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auf Lager 4 (Radstand 170mm) 226,85 EUR
auf Lager 5 (Radstand 180mm) 226,85 EUR
auf Lager 6 (Radstand 190mm) 226,85 EUR

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