• GRINDHOUSE Super Fast Ceramic Hybrid Bearings - 8 Pack
  • GRINDHOUSE Super Fast Ceramic Hybrid Bearings - 8 Pack
  • GRINDHOUSE Super Fast Ceramic Hybrid Bearings - 8 Pack
GRINDHOUSE Super Fast Ceramic Hybrid Bearings - 8 Pack

GRINDHOUSE Super Fast Ceramic Hybrid Bearings - 8 Pack

8 high quality, extremly fast and extreme durable Ceramic bearings with ABEC 9 standard.

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Set of 8 bearings
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GRINDHOUSE Super Fast Ceramic Hybrid Bearings - 8 Pack (tested by Bembel Town Rollergirls - Frankfurt)

GRINDHOUSE.EU is Europe's oldest and biggest dealer for Aggressive Inline-Skates and provides for some time their own bearings.

If you like the Super Fast ABEC-9 Bearings you will defintetely love this updated version! After a long development time and several tests through the GRINDHOUSE pro team we are proud to present this high end bearing!

Instead of steel balls we used high quality ceramic balls. These ceramic balls are much more stronger than steel balls and their surface structure is more sleekily. Because of the manufacturing process the ceramic balls are heat-proof and extremly durable. Of course these bearings also match the ABEC 9 Standard and due to the special rubber shield with Labyrinth-Covering the bearings are more durable because less dust or dirt will come into the bearing. The combination of ceramic balls with chrome steel inner/outer races and the nylon cage promises a extremly fast and durable high end bearing of the highest class. The hard ceramic balls provide a smooth and precise rolling experience. At the same time the toughness is significantly increased, so that a stress-free long lasting rolling pleasure is guaranteed. That means, with correct using, they will last up to 3 times longer than steel ball bearings!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Many manufacturers use for their ceramic bearing bright ceramic. Bright ceramic has the disadvantage to break quickly. For these ceramic bearings GRINDHOUSE uses only dark ceramic, which is by a special internal process extremely durable and resistant to breakage.


  • High quality purified chrome steel inner and outer race
  • high quality ceramic balls
  • Single removable rubber shield (non-contact type) for easy cleaning and less friction
  • Special inner race construction for better anti-dust performance and long durability
  • High-speed nylon cage with high impact pressure
  • High-speed light oil pre-lubrication


The Bembel Town Rollergirls (Frankfurt) tested these bearings extensively and are unanimously enthusiastic, and believe that these bearings are excellent useful in Rollerderby. Two points are very attractive: 1.) from the first second this bearing is extremly fast - no "break-in time"! And 2.), because of above mentioned special rubber shield there will be less cleaning needs.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: For a maximum of speed and durability we recommend to re-lubricate the bearings. You can also use grease what gives much more durability, but less speed. Find high quality bearing oil and grease from ABA in our OnlineShop.

Grindhouse Ceramic Hybrid Bearings from adrien anne on Vimeo.

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GRINDHOUSE ®  - since 1995. Accessoires from Europes oldest & biggest Aggressive InlineSkate Shop!

Specifications for GRINDHOUSE Super Fast Ceramic Hybrid Bearings - 8 Pack

Shield Removeable for easy cleaning
Inner Diameter 8mm
Selling Unit Set of 8 bearings
Bearing Quality ABEC 9

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