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High quality bearing oil

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High quality smooth running bearing oil for all kind of bearings. The 15ml bottle is applicable for many times.

General information about lubricants:
If your roller-skates make grinding noises and don't roll as easy as when they were new, your bearings are probably worn out. This shouldn't happen.

Bearings must be protected from friction and corrosion by using lubricants. Care your bearings regularly and they'll have a long life. Every lubricant consists of base oil and an active compount. The secret of success of the lubricants of ABA is the perfect combination of these compounts. Beside the protection against friction the lubricants protect against corrosion, are material-neutral, stable to heat and rapidly biodegradable.

Lubricants are seperated into greases and oils. Bearing grease has the advantage that it'll stay much longer inside the bearing. So you have a longer protection. In opposite bearing oil has the advantage that it ensures a lower frictional resistance than grease and is better for starts and is recommended for a faster rolling experience.

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Manufacturer of high quality bearings out of the USA

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