• ROLLERDERBYHOUSE *Basic* Fresh Meat Package
ROLLERDERBYHOUSE *Basic* Fresh Meat Package

ROLLERDERBYHOUSE *Basic* Fresh Meat Package

Cheapest start for Roller Derby! You save up to 13%!

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Please choose your Roller Skates here:

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and here choose your protection set (knee- and elbow pads, wristguards):

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ROLLERDERBYHOUSE Basic Fresh Meat Package

If you are looking for a cheap step into derby, then this basic package is perfect for you. With this pack you save up to 13% compared with single purchase!

Just choose one of our cheap derby skates and add a basic protection set. The included knee and elbowpads are not so thick padded like one of our other pads. Of course you can buy other pads when you want stay at Roller Derby!

Now choose a helmet, mouthguard and a tool and let´s go! We wish you a lot of fun playing Roller Derby!




RDH is our own brand.

Specifications for ROLLERDERBYHOUSE *Basic* Fresh Meat Package

Selling Unit Package

Sizing information - Find the correct skate size

For beginners of our sport it's not quite easy to decide which size will fit for your feet. Here we will show how to choose the correct size based on your real foot length.

First of all you should measure your feet:

Therefore put on some socks you would also wear while skating. Then press your heel against the a wall (as shown on the picure below) and take the length to your longest toe. Note the length in millimeter.

When you have chosen a roller skate and opened the product page you'll find a sizing chart on the right hand side and below the product picture under "availability/prices".

Example! This is how the sizing chart can look like:

There you can see the "length" in millimeter. This length refers to your measured foot length. Please don't pay attention on the EU, US or UK sizes. Due to different fits of shoes and roller skates it's quite difficult to choose the correct size with these information.

IMPORTANT: The exact fit of the roller skates also depends on your individual foot structure.

So if you have a normal foot structure, neither very narrow nor very wide, you can go for the exact measured foot length.

But if you have a very wide foot structure you should take one size bigger.

Example: Your measured foot length is exactly 251mm and your foot structure is normal, you should go for S 7.0 on the sizing chart shown above. Because if you are between two sizes you should go for the next bigger size. With very wide wide feet we recommend taking the next size what would be S 7.5 in this case.

These recommendations are made to find the tight but comfortable fit for your roller skates. Since roller skates are sport equipment the correct fit is very important. Please note that due to the huge amount of different foot structures and skate types there will be no guarantee for the perfect fit. But our recommendations refer to our experiences and the experiences of our customers.

If you still have questions or feel unsafe deciding what the correct size should be don't hesitate to contact us: info@rollerderbyhouse.eu

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