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CHAYA Sneekrskate SLV

(Bestell Nr.: PLCHA500-PS-810638)

kompletter Rollschuh-Unterbau um aus einemnormlan Sneaker einen Rollerskate zu machen
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CHAYA Sneekrskate SLV

Mit diesem kompletten Unterbau kann man aus seinen normalen Sneakern einen Rollschuh machen. Montagetipps sind auf den Bildern 2-5 zu erkennen.

Englische Originlbeschreibung des Herstellers:
SNEEKRSKATE is a Brand new project from Powerslide in cooperation with a well-known skateboarder that looked at the sport, but felt something was missing. On one hand there was no hardware offering that catered to people that wanted a cooler ?skateboard oriented look and feel? in roller skating away from the classic disco skates. And on the other there was already a grassroots skatepark movement with homemade custom built skates that combined sneakers with wider trucks but without a functional purpose built plate for it. So he incorporated different technical aspects in a plate that is special built to be used with Sneakers and wide trucks. Sneekrskate was born.

The Brand starts initially with a full aluminum casted plate featuring a wide shoe shaped deck that maximises the contact patch to every type of sneaker and therefore giving maximum leverage to steer wider trucks. A built-in heel rise gives a comfortable stance and a toe rise follows the natural shape of a shoe for a clean look.
The SLV plate features 5? wide trucks including Jelly Interlock cushions paired with Sneekrskate ?Darts? wheels and Wicked ABEC 7 freespin bearings for easy cruising. Outdoor wheels in size 59mmx38mm / 80A hardness together with the wide trucks give the plate it's cool skateboard oriented look and provides a smooth and stable ride. Special features are the options to add a heel stopper to the plate for more safety or a Chaya Karma grind block for skatepark use.

No matter if you want to create fully functional skatepark skates or just want to have the coolest boardwalk skates out there. Just pick your favourite type of sneakers and the Sneekrskate plate and you will have just that. The Sneekrskate plate creates a whole new look and feel in roller skating for a new generation of roller skaters and will take roller skating to new levels.

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