BONT Hybrid Athena Ballistic

(Bestell Nr.: RSBONT006)

Hitzeformbarer Skate mit hochwertiger Aluminium Plate.
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BONT Hybrid Athena Ballistic

Englische Originalbeschreibung des Herstellers:
Get ready to out skate the competition with the Bont Hybrid package. Most entry level packages are made with old construction techniques using cardboard and wood. The Hybrid has a fully hand made fiberglass base and it is heat moldable to your feet!

Heat Moldability:

The fiberglass in the boot is made hard by the use of a thermosetting epoxy resin. Resin development is something that we have been doing since 1975. Formulating a resin that is super stiff, yet becomes moldable at low temperatures and has a fast cure time is critical for our unique requirement which is why we are the only skate manufacturer who develops our own resins in-house.

Our resin becomes soft at just 60°C (140°F) which is the lowest in the industry. Once you heat the resin, mold the shoe and let it set, it is permanently set without the need to remold. You can also reheat the resin as many times as you like.

Light Weight:

Bont boots are manufactured by hand in a process where we build the boot from the inside out by hand laying the carbon of fiberglass around the last (plastic foot). This method of manufacturing is extremely time consuming compared to the traditional method of quad boot manufacturing which is done by gluing the upper to the pre made base. However, our method results in a much stronger and lighter structure.

The skate weight for a size 5 is 1175g

Memory Foam:

The Hybrid is made with high density closed cell memory foam. This padding will not deform over time or retain water from sweat or wet surfaces.

Color Options:

The Hybrid boot is only available in black with white trim.

Anatomical Forefoot Shape:

Conventional quad skates offer a “dress shoe” type shaping. Although highly aesthetic this will cause the toes along with the metatarsals to be overly constricted, compressing the nerves between the metatarsals which often results in the common "hot foot" sensation.

Bont skates anatomical shaping allows the foot to function in its most efficient and anatomically correct position.

Anatomical Heel Cup:

The anatomical heel cup shaping of Bont quad skates provides increased stability and more power through your push. This stabilization is achieved without any mechanical operation or over tightening of straps/laces allowing for increased comfort and blood circulation. The heel cup is fully heat moldable in the oven.

Athena Plate:

The chassis is made of extruded 6061 aircraft aluminum. The cushions are made in the USA from premium ultra high rebounding urethane. The plate is made to extremely tight tolerances. The plate has a low profile which means that the wheels are closer to the boot than most plates. This lowers your center of gravity and improves edging. Our Athena plate has proven itself on the toughest skaters in the world: the Bont Quadstar derby team. The 20-degree kingpin angle is great for making tight turns as well as top end speed. A variable adjustment nut and grub screw allow you to skate your plate tight or loose to suit your style. The plate features delrin pivot cups. The plate is triple polished with a final brilliant shine polish.

Technische Daten für BONT Hybrid Athena Ballistic

Boot BONT Hybrid
Kugellager ABEC 5
Plate BONT Athena Aluminium 20°
Rollen BONT Ballistic 60x40mm/87A
Stopper BONT Toe Go Stoppers
Verkaufseinheit Paar
Boot Farbe Schwarz

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S4.0 (232mm / EU 36.0 / US 4.0) Bestellartikel 504,16 EUR
S4.5 (237mm / EU 36.5 / US 4.5) Bestellartikel 504,16 EUR
S5.0 (241mm / EU 37.0 / US 5.0) Bestellartikel 504,16 EUR
S5.5 (246mm / EU 37.5 / US 5.5) Bestellartikel 504,16 EUR
S6.0 (250mm / EU 38.0 / US 6.0) Bestellartikel 504,16 EUR
S6.5 (255mm / EU 38.5 / US 6.5) Bestellartikel 504,16 EUR
S7.0 (259mm / EU 39.0 / US 7.0) Bestellartikel 504,16 EUR
S7.5 (264mm / EU 40.0 / US 7.5) Bestellartikel 504,16 EUR
S8.0 (268mm / EU 41.0 / US 8.0) Bestellartikel 504,16 EUR
S8.5 (272mm / EU 41.5 / US 8.5) Bestellartikel 504,16 EUR
S9.0 (277mm / EU 42.0 / US 9.0) Bestellartikel 504,16 EUR

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Zuerst solltest Du Deine genaue Fußlänge messen:

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