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CRAZY SKATES DBX4 Pro Krypton Vegan

(Order ID.: RSCS006)

Microfiber full vegan boot with heat-shapeable ABS counters and Venus plate
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The DBX4 Pro boot features all of the support and science in the DBX4 boot, but in order to drastically reduce the weight of the boot CRAZY have removed the vulcanized rubber outsole of the DBX4 and concealed a rigid, handmade lightweight fibreglass sole within the boot. The result is the DBX4 PRO - an incredibly light, vegan, performance boot, with even more customisation options than it’s predecessor. To perfect the feel of your boot, aside from all of the standard on board features of the DBX line, a removable internal arch wedge allows you to choose the support you need.

The DBX4 PRO has stealthy lines with it’s matte finish microfiber. It is just as durable as it’s the leather variation (DBX6 PRO) but is ever so slightly lighter due to material thickness. For those who want the best performance for their budget, the Krypton package is the clear choice.

The DBX4 boot from CRAZY SKATES is made of microfiber so it is 100% vegan. The inside is made of cool max material and well padded for maximum comfort. Especially the heel area is contured to your ankle. So no heel lifting anymore. The 3D tongue is soft padded and conforms to the top of your feet. The DBX4 boot features heat-shapeable ABS counters in 70% of the boot, so you can really custom your boot to your feet. The boot got a performace boot cut, that means that you have a free movement and articulation of your ankle by maximum support. To prevent lateral movements of your feet inside the boot you can tighten the toe strap. For more control you can also close the wide cinch strap tight. The toe and the side of the boot is protected, so you do not need toe guards.

The plate is a CRAZY SKATE Venus Plate which is made of a lightweight, extruded and tempered aircraft aluminium. The Venus Plate features a very articulate 20 degree action, allen screw adjustable toe stop, delrin pivot cup inserts and aluminium trucks with hardened steel pivot pins.The Arrow Toe Stop is 2 in 1. You have the possibility to turn the large area to the front if you like it stable and secure, or turn the small side to the front if you want to be agile on your toe stops.

The Jinx Wheels from CRAZY SKATES are 62x38mm/93A. It is a slim hybrid wheel with a big hub and thin applied urethane. It gives you enough speed on the most surfaces. The bearings are high quality ILQ-9 Twincam Bearings.


  • Microfiber full vegan boot with heat-shapeable ABS counters
  • HLT Heel Lock Technology - Latex & Memory foam counter for a perfect fit
  • 3D Tongue - a soft padded tongue that forms to the natural anatomy of your foot
  • IFS Integrated Footbed System - providing full support for your feet
  • Venus Plates - Full CNC extruded aircraft aluminum
  • Crazy ILQ-9 Twin-Cam Pro 8mm bearings
  • Jinx 62x38mm/93A Wheels


Specifications for CRAZY SKATES DBX4 Pro Krypton Vegan

Bearings CRAZY SKATES ILQ-9 Twincam Pro
Plate CRAZY SKATES Venus Plate
Wheels CRAZY SKATES Jinx Slim Wheel - 62x38mm/84A
Toe Stop CRAZY SKATES Arrow Toe Stops
Selling Unit Pair
Boot Colour Black

Availability/Prices for CRAZY SKATES DBX4 Pro Krypton Vegan

Available as/Avail. Price
EU 37.0 (Length 238mm / USmen 5.0 / UK 4.0) Out of Stock 449,95 EUR
EU 38.0 (Lenght 245mm / USmen 6.0 / UK 5.0) Out of Stock 449,95 EUR
EU 39.0 (Length 252mm / USmen 7.0 / UK 6.0) Out of Stock 449,95 EUR
EU 40.0 (Length 259mm / USmen 7.5 / UK 7.0) Out of Stock 449,95 EUR
EU 41.0 (Length 265mm / USmen 8.0 / UK 7.5) in stock 449,95 EUR
EU 42.0 (Length 272mm / USmen 8.5 / UK 8.0) Out of Stock 449,95 EUR
EU 43.0 (Length 279mm / USmen 9.0 / UK 9.0) Out of Stock 449,95 EUR
EU 44.0 (Length 285mm / USmen 10.0 / UK 10.0) Out of Stock 449,95 EUR
EU 45.0 (Length 292mm / USmen 11.0 / UK 11.0) Out of Stock 449,95 EUR
EU 46.0 (Length 298mm / USmen 12.0 / UK 12.0) Out of Stock 449,95 EUR

Sizing information - Find the correct skate size

For beginners of our sport it's not quite easy to decide which size will fit for your feet. Here we will show how to choose the correct size based on your real foot length.

First of all you should measure your feet:

Therefore put on some socks you would also wear while skating. Then press your heel against the a wall (as shown on the picure below) and take the length to your longest toe. Note the length in millimeter.

When you have chosen a roller skate and opened the product page you'll find a sizing chart on the right hand side and below the product picture under "availability/prices".

Example! This is how the sizing chart can look like:

There you can see the "length" in millimeter. This length refers to your measured foot length. Please don't pay attention on the EU, US or UK sizes. Due to different fits of shoes and roller skates it's quite difficult to choose the correct size with these information.

IMPORTANT: The exact fit of the roller skates also depends on your individual foot structure.

So if you have a normal foot structure, neither very narrow nor very wide, you can go for the exact measured foot length.

But if you have a very wide foot structure you should take one size bigger.

Example: Your measured foot length is exactly 251mm and your foot structure is normal, you should go for S 7.0 on the sizing chart shown above. Because if you are between two sizes you should go for the next bigger size. With very wide wide feet we recommend taking the next size what would be S 7.5 in this case.

These recommendations are made to find the tight but comfortable fit for your roller skates. Since roller skates are sport equipment the correct fit is very important. Please note that due to the huge amount of different foot structures and skate types there will be no guarantee for the perfect fit. But our recommendations refer to our experiences and the experiences of our customers.

If you still have questions or feel unsafe deciding what the correct size should be don't hesitate to contact us: info@rollerderbyhouse.eu