ATOM Boom Wide Wheel - 62x44mm/88A

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ATOM Boom Wide Wheel - 62x44mm/88A

From the same company that brought you the hugely popular 'Poison' hybrid wheel...Now comes the Boom Wheel!

ATOM Wheels is a huge proponent of evolution and they´ve pushed the envelope over the past year to develop a new, high-performance hybrid that works on cement, asphalt, sport court and many wood surfaces. The ATOM Boom wheel provides grip with a controlled slide (because of its special Boom-thane Urethane) and is the fastest hybrid ever made! The 44mm width, the lip and the solid core gives you indoor on smooth floors the maximum grip without losing speed. You can use the wheel on slippery floors as speed or pusher wheel. The perfect wheel for all levels and all positions, you will want a set of ATOM Boom wheels in your bag! If you like the feeling of the Wide Poison Wheels, but you want to be faster, this wheel should be perfect for you.

Because of the special Boom-thane Urethane the wheel can also be used as a sporty and agile outdoor wheel. Compared with other recreation wheels you are able to feel the surface you skating on. This is possible by the huge hub which also gives you outdoor an extra of speed.

So no matter if you want to play derby in- or outdoor, or you just want to cruise around. The Boom wheel does it all!

Caractéristiques techniques pour ATOM Boom Wide Wheel - 62x44mm/88A

Unité de vente Ensemble de 4 roulettes
diamètre 62mm
largeur 44mm
dureté 88A
revêtement de sol 88-91A (sols lisses et poussiéreux)
Hub plastique
utilisation recommandée Hybrid (intérieur/extérieur)
couleur blanc
fonction de roulis Pusher/Speed Wheel