OCTO Fothon Outdoor Wheel - 58x32mm/78A

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OCTO Fothon Outdoor Wheel - 58x32mm/78A

Fothon wheels make you stand out & shine in the crowd!

The OCTO "Fothon" wheel is a revolution in the roller skate wheel industry. Shining wheels without needing a battery.
The longer lasting super high rebound PU material gives you a high quality performance wheel with a fast and smooth roll. A series of LED lights will bring light to your skating experience and turn night into day. With "Fothon" wheels you will become the star of the night.

This is how it looks like:

Caractéristiques techniques pour OCTO Fothon Outdoor Wheel - 58x32mm/78A

Unité de vente Ensemble de 4 roulettes
diamètre 58mm
largeur 32mm
dureté 78A
revêtement de sol 78-87A (planchers glissants et sales)
Hub plastique
utilisation recommandée extérieur
couleur blanc