ROLL LINE Super Speed Race Wheel - 63x27mm/88A

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ROLL LINE Super Speed Race Wheel

This wheel is especially for players who likes narrow wheels and know exactly what they want and how much they can! Because this wheel ois extremely narrow and fast!

The Super Speed Race wheel of ROLL LINE with its 27mm width is extremely narrow, which is reflected in an extremely agile and fast rolling. "Fast" is exactly the keyword. You will be definitely fast with this wheel. The extremely high quality urethane is applied thinly on the big core to keep the power loss low. The small width and the lightness is also a positive point for a higher speed.

Another positive aspect of the narrow wheel is obviously the a smaller gauge! The wheels are much more under your boot which gives you more control by passing the derby pack. You can not tangle up with other players on the track.

RDH Recommendation: Off course you can combine the ROLL LINE Super Speed Race Wheel among themselves. For example use the 85A as pusher and the 90A as speed wheel on dusty floors. 

Caractéristiques techniques pour ROLL LINE Super Speed Race Wheel - 63x27mm/88A

Unité de vente Ensemble de 4 roulettes
diamètre 63mm
largeur 27mm
dureté 88A
revêtement de sol 88-91A (sols lisses et poussiéreux)
Hub plastique
utilisation recommandée intérieur
couleur blanc
fonction de roulis Pusher/Speed Wheel