BRAINWHEELZ Jam Rollerskates Blue

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BRAINWHEELZ Jam Rollerskates Blue

This "Jam" quad skate is specially made for jam skating and outdoor skating on an even surface.

The light weight mounted plate is made of nylon. The 62x42mm wheels are perfect to pick up pace. However, on rough underground softer wheels are recommended but on a skating rink this skate will be a very good choice to use out of the box!

The shoe and also the sole consist of leather for a high power transmission. In addition the power straps will perfectly fix your heels but give enough space and comfort in the ankle area.

Due to its solid contruction and comfortable fit this skate is also a good choice for roller derby.


  • leather outside upper
  • padded tongue and shoe on the upper side
  • power strap
  • stitched and handmade leather sole
  • nylon plate and aluminium trucks
  • bushing hardness 80A
  • wheels 62x42mm/85A
  • ABEC 7
  • round toe stop


Caractéristiques techniques pour BRAINWHEELZ Jam Rollerskates Blue

Platines BRAINWHEELZ Nylon Plate & Trucks
Roues BRAINWHEELZ 62×42mm/85A
Freins BRAINWHEELZ Round Toe Stop
Unité de vente paire
Couleur chaussure bleu / blanc

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