CHAYA Lifestyle Rollerskates Melrose Black Pink

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CHAYA Lifestyle Rollerskates Melrose Black Pink

The "Melrose" roller skate from CHAYA has a timeless design and comes in a classic figure skating look made of PU leather. The padded interior guarantees a comfortable fit. Because of the high shaft you can lace it very tight and keep your heel secured on the bottom. With the soft 61mm wheels you can easily cruise outdoors on street and boardwalks. Please note that the print on the wheels is wrong: it says indoor wheels and not outdoor wheels.

Note: Because the roller skates are very tight, please order one size larger (even two numbers for pressure-sensitive feet). When assessing whether the roller skate fits, we ask you to make sure that it is completely and well tied. Please do not just slip in.

Caractéristiques techniques pour CHAYA Lifestyle Rollerskates Melrose Black Pink

Chaussure CHAYA Melrose
Roulements WICKED ABEC 7
Platines CHAYA Aja Glass-fiber reinforced composite
Roues OCTO Propel Wheel - 61x38mm/78A
Freins PLAYLIFE Bolt-On
Unité de vente paire
Couleur chaussure noir

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