PLAYLIFE Rollerskates Lunatic LED

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The PLAYLIFE Lunatic comes in popular Chuck Taylor sneaker look. Cause of its high and lightweight construction you can lace it op tight and easily. In combination with the Heel Cup your feet will stay at the bottom. This helps you to have a better control during skating. With the small wheels (59mm) you can roll smooth outdoor aswell as indoor. Also a night in the rollerdisco should be funny with these skates!

The highlight of the Lunatic is hidden in the outsole. A bunch of LED lights are inside and can be illuminated in various color modes by pressing the small button at the inside of the shaft.

You can charge them by using the a pc or a smartphone charger. A USB cable is included.

Caractéristiques techniques pour PLAYLIFE Rollerskates Lunatic LED

Chaussure PLAYLIFE Lunatic
Roulements ABEC 5
Platines PLAYLIFE Nylon
Roues OCTO Wheel - 59x38mm/80A
Freins PLAYLIFE Rubber Bolt-On
Unité de vente paire
Couleur chaussure Pink

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