GUMBALL Superball Toe Stops 78A

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GUMBALL Superball Toe Stops

The new GUMBALL Superball is the best for oversized toe stopping power. You get the largest possible stopping surface, matched with the world renown Gumball compound. Here are the features that separate the Superball from the rest:

  • 60mm head for maximum surface contact and stability
  • Special cut that ensures that wheels will never rub on toe stop
  • Industries first dual compound (soft outer compound for superior grip and traction, harder inner pads for longevity and durability)
  • Anodized hollow stem for ultra light weight feel and cool look
  • Oversized internal stem head to ensure toe stops NEVER pop off.

Surprise! Colored stems are packaged and mixed randomly: Blue, Green, Magenta, Red

Rubber-Hardness: 78A (Soft) little knops 81A (medium)

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Court – (pas : 17 mm / total : 48 mm) Épuisé 35,95 EUR
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