PILOT F-16 Eagle Plus Plate

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PILOT F-16 Eagle Plus Plate - with adjustable pivot and micro adjustable lock nut/washer
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PILOT F-16 Eagle Plus Plate

The F-16 stands for the 16 degree truck angles. With that angle you are very agile. The plastic base of the plate is very low, this gives you more control because you are much closer to the ground. The plate comes with the famous PILOT two-piece truck with micro-adjustable lock nut/washer and adjustable pivot. With this features you can easily bring the truck to the level of agility/hardness you want. PILOT uses the red BIONIC bushings which got a hardness of 90A. Because of the special shape of the bushings the response is more precise. Another top feature of the plate is the pre-shaped BIONIC Super Stopper.

Here you'll find all measurements and specs about the PILOT F-16 Plate:
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Original Description:

Nistevo Sport has taken quality plate designs dating back as far as the 1970s and cohesively combined them with new technologies and advanced materials. Then we’ve thrown in our own world-class skating and engineering experience to create the next generation of quad roller plate design and componentry for derby, speed, artistic, jam and recreation.

F-16 QUAD PLATE SYSTEM: Simply put, PILOT F-16 is technology made simple. We’ve created plates that are easy to change, upgrade, and adjust. Just select the right plate that fits your needs and budget, when it’s time to upgrade, no worries. Change from Zytel to Alloy without drilling new holes, or easily upgrade your truck from a one-piece to a two-piece, all without the hassles of another truck angle or plate positioning. PILOT does it all for you!


• 16 degree truck angle
• Adjustable truck
• Forged 7075 trucks
• Base-zytel
• Adjustable pivot
• Bionic bushings urethane
• Steel king pin
• Micro-adjustable lock nut/washer
• 8mm Axles • Bionic Super Stopper


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