JACKSON Vibe black Poison

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Perfect Skate for beginners in Roller Derby and Outdoor Skating
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JACKSON Vibe black Poison

RIEDELL got the R3 and JACKSON got the Vibe!

The upper boot is made of a high quality synthetic leather. The front part is elongated to protect your toes. The inside is comfortably padded, the insole got a small shockpad at the heel and the powerstrap keeps your feet tight in the boot. Due to its design, it is also ideal for wider feet. The JACKSON Nylon plate is already mounted and got BIONIC XS Stoppers.

This Skate is perfect for in- and outdoor skating. The Nyon plate is lightweight and maneuverable, the wide 62mm ATOM Poison wheels got grip on nearly all surfaces. Because of the hybrid wheels you are able to skate longer distances outdoor or you can play Roller Derby with friends on parkdecks. The wheels are also grippy and fast enough on all indoor surfaces, that you take a step easy into Roller Derby.

With the JACKSON Vibe you will have fun from the beginning.

Specifications for JACKSON Vibe black Poison

Plate JACKSON Nylon
Wheels ATOM Poison Wide Wheel - 62x44mm/84A
Toe Stop BIONIC XS Stopper
Selling Unit Pair
Boot Colour Black

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USwomen 4.0 (Length 217mm / EU 36.5 / USmen 3.0 / UK 3.0) in stock 159,62 EUR
USwomen 5.0 (Length 227mm / EU 37.5 / USmen 4.0 / UK 4.0) in stock 159,62 EUR
USwomen 6.0 (Length 236mm / EU 38.5 / USmen 5.0 / UK 5.0) in stock 159,62 EUR
USwomen 7.0 (Length 244mm / EU 39.5 / USmen 6.0 / UK 6.0) in stock 159,62 EUR
USwomen 8.0 (Length 252mm / EU 40.5 / USmen 7.0 / UK 7.0) in stock 159,62 EUR
USwomen 9.0 (Length 262mm / EU 41.5 / USmen 8.0 / UK 8.0) in stock 159,62 EUR
USwomen 10.0 (Length 270mm / EU 42.5 / USmen 9.0 / UK 9.0) in stock 159,62 EUR
USwomen 11.0 (Length 278mm / EU 43.5 / USmen 10.0 / UK 10.0) in stock 159,62 EUR
USwomen 12.0 (Length 286mm / EU 44.5 / USmen 11.0 / UK 11.0) Out of Stock 159,62 EUR