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CHAYA Ophira DCM 2.0 Plate 20°

(Order ID.: PLCHA020-PS-810517)

High quality roller derby plate with unique "Dual Center Mount" system - Check the specs and videos below to explore the CHAYA world!
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CHAYA Ophira DCM 2.0 Plate 20°

CHAYA is the new pure roller derby and rollerskate brand from POWERSLIDE. They have been working for over three years to perfect their product line and to make sure they introduce a unique design which does not compare with any other brand on the market.
CHAYA's image is clean, pure, and only focused on what is needed for boots and plates. Fully functional product with great design and style combining function and fashion.
The great advantage when launching a new brand is that you can listen to consumers and dealers and incorporate their ideas in the product range. Being inside skating for 40 years and having the company background in roller skating they brought a lot of new things to the table which will help the skater perform better at every level of skating.

The unique selling point for CHAYA is the patented Dual Center Mount (DCM) that works only in combination with a CHAYA boot: For the first time ever you can put a roller skate together with just two screws, so no extra mounting and drilling work, no misplaced frames, and no discussion about forward or backward mount. Now you are able to adjust the plate in the position you want, move it forward and backward and also on the front you can move it side to side. You will always find your perfect balance & setup and enjoy skating like never before. You can even adjust the frame from event to event if needed, from flat track to bank track or from indoor to outdoor.

Thanks to the fact all CHAYA plates also come with standard mounting holes, you can put these plates on any other boot beside CHAYA as well. Of course, then you can't take advantage of the DCM system.

Another great point are the quick release axles. They enable you to be already on the track and warm up while your team mates are still changing their wheels ;)

Plate specs overview- CHAYA Ophira DCM 2.0 Plate 20°: 
  • Dual Center Mount on all plates with standard mounting holes on all plates
  • 6061 aluminium, extruded & CNC machined - lightweight and strong
  • 20° king pin for great stability
  • Power Toe for better push and control which fits the shape of the boot better
  • Offset Toe Stop for better power transfer, better balance, more controlled stops, and toe runs
  • Forged Truck, super light and super strong, unbreakable
  • Chaya Cherry Bomb toe stop, flat surface with lots of grip and superior wear
  • Detailed CNC finish with laser print


Specifications for CHAYA Ophira DCM 2.0 Plate 20°

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Availability/Prices for CHAYA Ophira DCM 2.0 Plate 20°

Available as/Avail. Price
3 (Plate length 221mm / Wheelbase 128mm) - (DCM EU 36-37 / US 4-5) available shortly 179,95 EUR
4 (Plate length 227mm / Wheelbase 134mm) - (DCM EU 38 / US 6) available shortly 179,95 EUR
5 (Plate length 233mm / Wheelbase 140mm) - (DCM EU 39 / US 7) available shortly 179,95 EUR
6 (Plate length 240mm / Wheelbase 146mm) - (DCM EU 40 / US 8) Out of Stock 179,95 EUR
7 (Plate length 248mm / Wheelbase 152mm) - (DCM EU 41 / US 9) Out of Stock 179,95 EUR
8 (Plate length 256mm / Wheelbase 158mm) - (DCM EU 42 / US 10) available shortly 179,95 EUR
9 (Plate length 264mm / Wheelbase 164mm) Out of Stock 179,95 EUR
10 (Plate length 272mm / Wheel base 170mm) Out of Stock 179,95 EUR
11 (Plate length 280mm / Wheelbase 176mm) Out of Stock 179,95 EUR
12 (Plate length 288mm / Wheelbase 182mm) available shortly 179,95 EUR