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ROLL LINE Agile Plate 7mm axles

(Order ID.: PLROL031)

regular plate length but reduced wheelbase, thats AGILE
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369,95 EUR

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ROLL LINE Agile Plate

ROLL LINE developed this plate for hockey, but in our opinion the properties of the plate are also beneficial in roller derby!

ROLL LINE took their regular plates as a scale and maintained the plate length, but shortened the wheelbase. For example, if you previously had a ROLL LINE Blaster Plate in size 150 and were now to choose the 150 for the Agile, you would now only have a wheelbase of 140mm! As the name suggests, this makes you super agile.

Original manufacturers description:
is the revolutionary frame (plate) designed to best meet the needs of the most sophisticated hockey players

  • The reduced wheelbase is the big news that gives a never seen before agility, for quick and effective changes of direction.
  • Trim lowered by 5mm which considerably lowers the center of gravity for an increased stability.
  • Differentiation between left and right frame, which facilitates.
  • Click-action” mechanism that allows for heightened precision with truck-adjustment.
  • Frame derived from a drawn Aluminum bar, and completely created using computer numerical control (CNC) machining.
  • 13mm king-pins inclined to 16° with lowered trim.
  • Elastomer cushions available in 5 hardnesses (colors).
  • Aluminum trucks with 7mm steel axles and adjustable pivot pin.
  • Hokey toestop and tool kit included.

Attention: mounting screws are not included! But can be ordered under the following link: ROLL LINE Mounting Kit

The Agile frame, while maintaining the same total length compared to the other Roll-Line® frames, has a wheelbase of one measure smaller.
The reduced distance between the wheels allows for an agile skate without having to choose an excessively short frame size.
The unchanged total length ensures that the position of the toe stop remains unchanged without compromising its use both during stops and when restarting from standstill.
It is recommended to use the same frame size used previously.

The professional Roll Line® plates are characterized by an interior inclination of the toestops of 4°.

This particular setting offers a series of advantages, namely:

  • better positioning of the toestop in the phase of takeoff on toe-assisted jumps
  • better control in the centering of spins
  • optimization in pushing movements

The Roll-Line® frames for high-level free skating are lowered by 5mm.

The lowered center of gravity is advantageous in:

  • the landing of jumps
  • pressing edges
  • the execution of edges and movements that require heightened levels of maneuverability

Specifications for ROLL LINE Agile Plate 7mm axles

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Availability/Prices for ROLL LINE Agile Plate 7mm axles

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130 (120mm Wheelbase) ordered on demand 369,95 EUR
140 (130mm Wheelbase) ordered on demand 369,95 EUR
150 (140mm Wheelbase) ordered on demand 369,95 EUR
160 (150mm Wheelbase) ordered on demand 369,95 EUR
170 (160mm Wheelbase) ordered on demand 369,95 EUR