MOXI Jack Boot Custom Color

(Order ID.: CUMOX310)

MOXI and RDH make it possible. Create your own MOXI Jack Boot! You'll find all information in the product description below...
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MOXI Jack Boot Custom Color

MOXI and ROLLERDERBYHOUSE offer you the opportunity to get the Jack Boot in other colors then the basic one .

This is how it works:

1. Put the jackBoot in the needed size into the shopping cart
2. Click on this product "MOXI Jack Boot Custom Color" (Order ID: CUMOX310), choose your color and add it to the shopping card
3. Complete the order
4. Done!

Now MOXI will produce the Boots especially for you in the USA. After 6-8 weeks you'll receive your own MOXI Jack Boot at your house door!

If you have any questions about the procedure or your MOXI size, feel free to contact our customer service (

Important Information for custom boot/skates! Read carefully!

  • All  custom boots are NOT returnable
  • Allow 6-8 weeks for production
  • No Cash on Delivery payment possible

Availability/Prices for MOXI Jack Boot Custom Color

Available as/Avail. Price
Floss in stock 71,39 EUR
Straw in stock 71,39 EUR
Pool in stock 71,39 EUR
Fuchsia in stock 71,39 EUR
Taffy in stock 71,39 EUR
Clementine in stock 71,39 EUR
Honeydew in stock 71,39 EUR
Pineapple in stock 71,39 EUR
Poppy in stock 71,39 EUR