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ATOM Tone Wheel - 57x32mm/97A - Red

(Bestell Nr.: ROATO5001)

Gute und schnelle Rolle für den Artistic-und Dancebereich.
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ATOM Tone Wheel

Originalbeschreibung des Herstellers:
Atom’s new Tone wheels bring an impressive level of performance to the rhythm market. A fast-rolling wheel that gives you grip enough to hold your edges while also being able to snap crisp 3-turns - These are a dancer's dream come true! We developed the Tone wheels for rhythm skaters, though they easily perform up to the standards of competitive artistic skaters.

Tone wheels strike the right balance between Roll, Grip, and Slip. Doesn’t matter how you roll - Jump, Spin, Bounce, Dip, Shuffle, these wheels inspire confidence to try new things. Rediscover your skates with the Tone wheel experience.

Atom Tone Features:

• Available in 4 fun colors! - Blue, Red, Black & White

• 57x32mm 97a hardness

• Durable Urethane - holds up to dancing both indoors and outside. Doesn’t matter if you’re rolling in the rink or on the sport court - the Tone’s perform.

• Our testers have pushed these wheels to the limit and the results are in: "After months of outdoor skating, these wheels have held up surprisingly well!”

• Performance wheels that are both durable & affordable.

(*NOTE: These are not meant to be worn as outdoor cruiser wheels.)


Technische Daten für ATOM Tone Wheel - 57x32mm/97A - Red

Verkaufseinheit Satz mit 4 Rollen
Durchmesser 57mm
Breite 32mm
Härte 97A
Bodenbelag 96-98A (griffige und saubere Böden)
Hub Nein
Empfohlende Verwendung Indoor
Farbe Rot