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CHAYA Ragnaroll Pro Wheel 60x32mm/101A

(Bestell Nr.: ROCHA620-PS-810750)

kleine Allround Aggressive Rollerskating Rolle
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CHAYA Ragnaroll Pro Wheel 60x32mm/101A

Originale Beschreibung des Herstellers:
The first wheel specially designed for roller skating bowls.
When I looked at the wheels market, most of the options came from skateboard companies or from roller skate brands selling wheels with shapes made for skateboarding. While these wheels are good for some uses and work great in sidestance skating, I always felt they are too wide to carve bowls on a parallel stance with the edges of the wheels catching against the ramps. I wanted to create a wheel that gives that extra speed I need on big bowls but at the same time remain agile to cut corners and roll over hips without any dragging. The ragnaroll pro wheels is 60mm 101A with a super slim shape and a roll patch of only 18mm providing high speed but great manuverability and thanks to it’s narrow profile and rounded lip it feels like a much small wheel on slides reducing dramatically any wheel bite and giving you extra space between your trucks for technical grinds. Despite it’s big size the reduced amount of urethane results in one of the lightest wheels on the market with only 68gr it’s a 25% lighter than other wheels with the same size. The wheels come with treated lines on the rolling patch to give extra grip on slippery surfaces.

Main points:
-More agile
-Better for slides
-More space for grinds

“I was looking for a faster wheel to skate bowls, but I ended with the perfect all-round wheel. I feel I am rolling faster on skaparks but thanks to the narrow profile I can still do all the technical grind tricks on the street and still use it to go from spot to spot without suffering the awefull roll and noise of small wheels. Not only the performance is good, but I was hopping for a fairly priced wheel with a clean and timeless design to match any style. I couldn’t be happier with the result!” Text by Ragnaroll

Technische Daten für CHAYA Ragnaroll Pro Wheel 60x32mm/101A

Verkaufseinheit Satz mit 4 Rollen
Durchmesser 60mm
Breite 32mm
Härte 101A
Hub Kunststoff
Empfohlende Verwendung Skatepark
Farbe Weiß