ATOM Poison Wide Wheel - 62x44mm/84A - green

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44,95 EUR

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ATOM Poison Wide Wheel

ATOM has set a milestone with this wheel! It is the most famous wheel in the derby market!

The 44mm width, the lip and the solid core gives you indoor on all smooth floors the maximum grip without losing speed. You can use the wheel on very slippery floors as speed or pusher wheel.

The wheel can also be used as a sporty and agile outdoor wheel. Compared with other recreation wheels you are able to feel the surface you skating on. This is possible by the huge hub which also gives you outdoor an extra of speed.

So no matter if you want to play derby in- or outdoor, or you just want to cruise around. The Poison wheel does it all!

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Unidad de venta Conjunto de 4 ruedas
diámetro 62mm
ancho 44mm
dureza 84A
esterado 78-87A (resbaladizo y pisos sucios)
Hub plástico
Se recomienda su uso Hybrid (interior/exterior)
color verde
La función de ruedas Pusher/Speed Wheel