CHAYA Big Softie's Wheel - 65x37mm/78A - clear teal

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32,95 EUR

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CHAYA Big Softie's Wheel

The Big Softie is the right wheel when you want to go outdoor on streets, paving-stones and concrete surfaces. The small hub and the 65mm diameter give the wheel much grip and rolling comfort. Basically you don't feel any bumps, it's even like skating on clouds. That makes it easier skating long distances. In opposite to 62mm outdoor wheels, the 3 additional millimeter make the wheel a little bit faster.

Attention: The inner core is 10 mm wide (this is the distance that the bbearings have from each other when installed). As a result, the wheel do not fit on all axes!

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Unidad de venta Conjunto de 4 ruedas
diámetro 65mm
ancho 37mm
dureza 78A
esterado 78-87A (resbaladizo y pisos sucios)
Hub plástico
Se recomienda su uso exterior
color verde azulado