CHAYA G-Force Slick Wheel 59x38mm/92A

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38,95 EUR

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CHAYA G-Force Slick Wheel 59x38mm/92A

The Chaya G-Force Slick is a high-quality wheel built and designed with roller derby in mind at an affordable price. At the perfect size and hardness for roller derby (59mm,92A), this wheel will suit most floors and can also be used for smooth outdoor surfaces. The highlight of this wheel is the added urethane lip that ensures snappy lateral movement across the track as well as greater push in your strides.

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Unidad de venta Conjunto de 4 ruedas
diámetro 59mm
ancho 38mm
dureza 92A
esterado 92-93A (smooth and clean floors)
Hub Plastic
Se recomienda su uso interior
color Pink
La función de ruedas Speed Wheel