RADAR Halo Wheel - 59x38mm/84A purple

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59,95 EUR

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RADAR Halo Wheel

Achieve world class edging without sacrificing grip! The RADAR Halo features the innovative, signature H-shaped hub. The inner and outer edges of the hub are oversized, which reduces the amount of urethane on the edges of the wheel. This makes it easy to perform stops and offers excellent response. The middle of the hub has room for more urethane, which offers grip, increases control, and improves ride. The Halo is also shockingly light.

RDH Recommendation: A very harmonious all-round combination, which is working very well on most slippery floors is to combine 2x 84A (or 2x 86A) with 2x 91A (or 93A)! This combination gives maximum grip and enough speed.

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Unidad de venta Conjunto de 4 ruedas
diámetro 59mm
ancho 38mm
dureza 84A
esterado 78-87A (resbaladizo y pisos sucios)
Hub plástico
Se recomienda su uso interior
color gris oscuro
La función de ruedas Pusher/Speed Wheel