ATOM Savant Poison Green Wheel - 59x38mm/84A

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ATOM Savant Poison Wheel

The new Savant series from ATOM, USA provides an extremely light Derby wheel with a hard core (hub). Since the urethane is just thinly applied, the wheel is very fast and precise in handling. It also reacts directly to your moves.

Due to its extremely light weight you can accelerate the Savant Roller Derby wheel in no time, which is not just of advantage for jammers. The small "lip" on the outer edge helps compensate flaws in technique that happen with fast movements. During lateral movements and pushing (e.g. cross overs) this lip provides the required grip.

Overall the very harmonic and assessable reactions of the wheel stand out, so that you quickly trust the roll if the wheel and dare to push your limits. Since that's not typical among these types of highly reactive and fast wheels, the ATOM Savant wheels are highly recommended for advanced and pro players, regardless of their playing position!

Like all the other Roller Derby wheels the complete Savant series has been tested and compared to our range of wheels. This test took place in spring 2017 with a German Roller Derby team.

The ATOM Savant Poison wheel complements the Savant indoor series (88A-95A) and offers the perfect solution for extremely slippy floors and smooth outdoor surfaces with its popular Posion hybrid material.


RDH Recommendation: If the floor is particularly slippy we recommend combining the Savant Poison (84A) with the 88A Savant wheel or even go for 8 Savant Poison wheels.

Caractéristiques techniques pour ATOM Savant Poison Green Wheel - 59x38mm/84A

Unité de vente Ensemble de 4 roulettes
diamètre 59mm
largeur 38mm
dureté 84A
revêtement de sol 78-87A (planchers glissants et sales)
Hub plastique
utilisation recommandée intérieur
couleur Vert
fonction de roulis Pusher/Speed Wheel