RADAR Presto Wide Wheel - 62x44mm/97A purple

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49,95 EUR

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RADAR Presto Wide Wheel - 62x44mm/97A

You want to be fast without loosing stability? Then the RADAR Presto Wide Wheel is exactly the right wheel for you! Because of the size of 62mm you can easily hold a high speed and the width of 44m guarantees a safe stand. Instead of having a single hollow cavity, the Tiger Core (Hub) has channels, which offer support to every part of the wheel’s surface while keeping it extremely light. Because of its compact and stiff structure you have maximum control and all maneuvers will be implemented directly. The lip helps you while accelerating and keeps you secured during crossovers.

The 97A gives very good grip on all very grippy surfaces, e.g. extremly grippy sport courts, concrete/plastic and very grippy wood floors. On less grippy floors you use it as speed wheel by combining it with softer 62mm Presto Wide wheels.

RDH Recommendation: A very fast allround solution, which works very good on a lot of grippy floors, is to combine this wheel with the 62mm Prestos Wide in 93A. Enough grip and enough speed.


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Unité de vente Ensemble de 4 roulettes
diamètre 62mm
largeur 44mm
dureté 97A
revêtement de sol 96-98A (grip et planchers propres)
Hub plastique
utilisation recommandée intérieur
couleur gris
fonction de roulis Speed Wheel