SONAR Aura Wheel - 59x38mm/92A - Blue

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31,95 EUR

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RADAR Bullet Wheel

Agile and lightweight wheel! It is the successor of the RADAR Bullet Wheel!

The special design of the convex-shaped pokes gives the wheels outer edge more stiffness and a extra portion of speed. In combination with SONARs urethane mixture the wheel always got a very good grip in all driving situations. The compact design also allows to do Plow and hockey stops easily. With the wheel you have everything under control, all maneuvers will be implemented directly.

The 92A gives the wheel a very good grip on any smooth, grippy surfaces, such as sport courts, polished concrete floors and wood floors

RDH Recommendation: A very harmonious all-round combination, which is working very well on most floors is to combine 2x 88A with 2x 92A! Always grippy and is almost always fast enough.

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Unité de vente Ensemble de 4 roulettes
diamètre 59mm
largeur 38mm
dureté 92A
revêtement de sol 92-93A (smooth and clean floors)
Hub plastique
utilisation recommandée intérieur
couleur bleu
fonction de roulis Speed Wheel