ROLLERDERBYHOUSE *R3 Special* Fresh Meat Package

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ROLLERDERBYHOUSE R3 Special Fresh Meat Package

You want to start with Roller Derby, but you don't want to spend too much money? You want to have the famous RIEDELL R3 skate and solid pads?
With this R3 special pack you can get all these parts and you save up to 5% compared to a single purchase!

We have previously picked out our kneepads, elbowpads and wristguards with the best price price performance ratio. You will also get a POWERSLIDE helmet or ANARCHY/SFR helmet with EPS core and you can choose a mouthguard from SHOCKDOCTOR or SISU! Just choose your size above! The RIEDELL R3 is available in different versions!

The RIEDELL R3 is the most selled Derby Skate! You can't go wrong with them!

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