CHAYA Lifestyle Rollerskates Melrose Elite Space Holographic

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CHAYA Lifestyle Melrose Elite Space Holographic

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Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, the CHAYA Melrose Space Holographic is a high-performance roller skate that’s out of this world. With stunning style and a tonne of features, the CHAYA Melrose Space Holographic gives you all the tools you need to bring your skate game to the whole next level.  Whether you’re cruising the streets and checking out the skatepark, this skate can do it all and do it all in style. There’s no need to compromise with this impressive roller skate. The boot of the Melrose Space Holographic is made of a vegan-friendly material that’s also durable and supportive, able to stand up to anything you can throw at it. The CHAYA Melrose Space Holographic features an innovative Bubble Switch Sole (BSS) and replaceable shock absorbers that are available in three different hardnesses, allowing you to match the shock absorber to your personal skating style. Precision and comfort can make all the difference and the Melrose Space Holographic makes it easy to customize the skate to match your personal skating style. Simply 1/4 turn of the screw you can easily adjust the skate to give you improved comfort or power transfer.
Constructed of high-quality synthetic leather with dense ankle padding and mesh lining material in the interior, the CHAYA Melrose Space Holographic delivers superb comfort and performance. Ready to roll right out of the box, the Melrose Space Holographic includes a rigid Shari Plate, smooth-running 62mmx38mm / 78A wheels, and durable WICKED ABEC 9 bearings. From the boardwalk to the roller disco, to the skatepark, discover what you’re really capable of roller skates in the Melrose Space Holographic from CHAYA.

Caractéristiques techniques pour CHAYA Lifestyle Rollerskates Melrose Elite Space Holographic

Chaussure CHAYA Lifestyle Melrose Elite
Platines CHAYA Shari DCM 3.0 20°
Roues CHAYA Cloud 9´s Wheel - 62x38mm/78A
Roulements WICKED ABEC 7
Freins CHAYA Controller Stopper
Unité de vente paire
Couleur chaussure Rose

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