BIONIC Bigfoot Stoppers 74A



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BIONIC Bigfoot Stoppers

The Bigfoot Toe Stops from BIONIC puts a priority on performance like never before. The huge 59mm footprint has superior grip & rebound with a unique cut that ensures wheels up to 66mm in diameter will never rub! The bottom is pre-angled so there is no break-in period. The 30mm stem fits all standard 5/8" threads.

The Bigfoot toe stops are available in 2 different grip compounds. Grip and X-Grip:

The Grip compound features the same material found in the Bionic Super Stopper, which grips better and lasts up to 4 times longer than the competition. The X-Grip compound is an ultra-sticky, high-rebound material designed for indoor performance. A word of caution straight from Atom: "X-GRIP stoppers are not designed to be long lasting and are not recommended for asphalt or abrasive cement."

Rubber-Hardness X-Grip: 74A (Soft)

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Standard (longueur)- (pas : 30 mm / total : 55 mm) | X-Grip (extrêmement adhérent) MISSING TRANSLATION: FR/CommerceManager/AvailabilityOptions/out 23,95 EUR