SURE-GRIP Avanti Aluminium Plate

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SURE-GRIP Avanti Aluminium Plate

You like the Design and the weight of the SURE-GRIP Avenger Plate? But you don´t like to skate with 45° trucks? Then this plate should be your 1st choice. SURE-GRIP combined the experience of their Avenger Plate with skate feeling of a regular 10° plate. The result is their masterpiece in plate technology.

Original SURE-GRIP description: Sure-Grip brings you the next generation in plate design, the Avanti. Offered in both Magnesium and Aluminum, this 10 degree double action plate is built to last. With our exclusive use of magnesium in plate construction, we’ve crafted a sleek hollow design to give skaters performance and durability without sacrificing lightness.

We’ve made mounting easy by including four mounting holes in the front of the plate to aid in mounting different boot types. Mounting hardware included.

The Avanti Magnesium Plate includes a newly designed precision adjustable pivot truck that can withstand the intensity while giving you balance and durability, both the truck and plate are powder coated with a white finish. The Avanti Aluminum Plate includes a standard fixed pivot double action truck, both polished aluminum.

Plates will come with black axle nuts and mounting hardware. Also include are Sure-Grip super cushions, 4 conical and 4 barrel.

Magnesium alloy plate (white plate) is roughly 48% lighter than the aluminum version (Aluminum plate).

Here you'll find all measurements and specs about the SURE-GRIP Avanti Plate:
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