RIEDELL ColorLab Custom Color System



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RIEDELL ColorLab Custom Color System

RIEDELL and ROLLERDERBYHOUSE offer the opportunity to create a boot, base or complete skate according to your own colour preferences. This is how it works:

1.) Put the RIEDELL boot in the needed size into the shopping cart
2.) Add this product to the shopping cart as well "RIEDELL ColorLab Custom Color System" (Order-ID: CURIE001)
3.) Complete the order
4.) Go to the RIEDELL Color Lap Page here: RIEDELL ColorLab
5.) Create the boot you want and save the PDF
6.) Send the PDF via E-Mail to: info@rollerderbyhouse.eu
7.) Done!

If you want to have a boot which we do not have but you can design it on ColorLab please contact us by EMail.

Now RIEDELL will produce the skates especially for you in the USA. After 8-12 weeks you'll receive your own created RIEDELL Boot at your house door!

If you have any questions about the procedure or your RIEDELL size, feel free to contact our customer service (info@rollerderbyhouse.eu).

Important Information for custom boot/skates! Read carefully!

  • All specials, make ups, and custom boots are NOT returnable
  • Allow 8-12 weeks for production
  • Metallic colours are accent only & cannot be used on uppers. 
  • Metallic colours are not permanent & can be damaged under normal skating conditions
  • No Cash on Delivery payment possible