CHAYA Vintage Rollerskates Denim

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CHAYA Vintage Rollerskates Denim

Original manufacturer description:

Fun, fast, and with a unique style that can’t be beaten, the CHAYA Denim roller skates deliver a consistently awesome rolling experience. More than just a pretty face, the CHAYA Denim has modern features and everything you need to push your limits and discover what’s possible on roller skates. Made of all vegan-friendly materials, with this innovative skate there is no need to compromise. The exterior of the skate is made of PU-nubuck leather that is durable and supportive, giving you the confidence you need to learn new skills and embrace a full rolling experience. New for 2022, the CHAYA Denim roller skate awesome features the renowned CHAYA Galaxy Evo plate for improved strength and responsiveness, allowing you to cruise effortlessly through the city. The skate also has a new adjustable toe stop system that lets you easily match the height of the skate to your individual skating style. Rolling on 59mm/78A CHAYA Spectrum outdoor wheels and WICKED ABEC 7 bearings, this skate is ready to roll.

ATTENTION! Fits approx. one size smaller! Small cut. Please choose one size up!

Caractéristiques techniques pour CHAYA Vintage Rollerskates Denim

Chaussure CHAYA Vintage
Roulements WICKED ABEC 7
Platines CHAYA Galaxy Evo Casted Aluminium
Roues CHAYA Spectrum Wheel - 59x38mm/78A
Freins CHAYA Adjustable
Unité de vente paire
Couleur chaussure Bleu

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